Ace-Hil-Ink was started with the idea of helping authors, writers, or anyone  interested in getting their hard work out to the reading masses. Giving advice, throwing ideas back and forth and making the transition from pen-to-page, as they used to say, easier.

Through the things I have learned in self-publishing my first book, I hope to help others interested in doing the same. The journey from writing to promoting and on to self-publishing can be overwhelming at times within our daily lives – when we do it on our own. I have had my learning curve go in many directions, but I have learned a lot in the time since I started my first book Purgatory and on through the Night Dreams series. There are many sources out there today when it comes to information on all of the above and I have used my share of them in my journey. Plenty more to learn in this on-going process.

Ace-Hil-Ink believes in authors working together, cross-promoting our brands, and helping each other out. There are many out there that feel the same way. A-H-I isn’t a genre-specific site. I write in multiple genres, and we have a romance novel Time Doesn’t Wait by Kathryn Stelher coming out soon. We also have two other writers who are working on their projects that we will help get their ideas, thoughts, and stories out there.

So as you can see, it’s all about helping each other get started on our journeys in writing, no matter the genre. We hope you stop by if you are interested in some advice, help or anything else that can help you get your project off the ground.

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