Writing can mean different things to different people. Some say it is art and others say it is a craft. It is a combination of both and should be something that is a joy for you to do and gives you pleasure in sharing your work with others, whether they are close friends, relatives, or complete strangers. Inspiration and ideas for writing can present themselves in many forms and at the most unexpected times. To draw on those inspirations, and then create a story behind it, can be a very exciting thing as a writer. Be it a short story, or a novel, seeing that idea come to life, and laid out in a way that it will entertain and have the reader ready to turn the next page, is what all writers strive for. Hopefully it will keep the reader on edge, and in a can’t-put-it-down reading frenzy.

    “The inspiration for my horror story, ‘Weekend Visit’, came from a short dream I had on a cold weekend in the White Mountains in Arizona. I started writing early the next morning, the story evolved, and in a few days, I had completed the rough draft. It will be included in my upcoming book.” ~ALJ ~

    Location plays a major role in the writing of a story for many authors. Some places are made up, but most are places that the author knows well, a place where he or she can relate to very easily. It adds a nice dimension when the reader can also relate to the setting of a story. The places that are mentioned in a story may be places that the reader has been, or a town that they have passed through. Familiar places, in the mind of the reader, can be what ties the story together.

    Most of all, writing should come from the heart. Write what you feel and worry about the rest later. There is always time for editing!

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