A Bloody Valentine: A. Lopez, Jr.

My quick interview by S.H. Roddey’s Haunted Head / Bloody Valentine Interviews

A Haunted Head

Another State of Horror Victim! I’m feeling lucky today! Meet A. Lopez, Jr, please.


It’s Valentine’s Day. What’s your take on the “Most Romantic Day of the Year?”

I’m all for celebrating romance, and Valentine’s Day puts the focus and some might say, the pressure on, to show your affection to your loved one. Either way, I feel it is a great way to consolidate and show your appreciation for the one you love. As writers, we tend to get into our own worlds and disappear, with our loved one, no matter how much they may support us, feeling shoved aside at times. My take is that I don’t necessarily need Valentine’s Day to show appreciation and thanks for being there, I do like how the date allows us to refocus and reset our priorities to not only your wife or girlfriend, but to…

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PRESS RELEASE- State of Horror: North Carolina Available

The newest edition to the State of Horror anthologies!

Charon Coin Press

Cover art- State of Horror: North Carolina State of Horror: North Carolina Now Available

Charon Coin Press is happy to announce the newest release in the State of Horror anthology series—State of Horror: North Carolina on February 10, 2015.  State of Horror: North Carolina is a brand new release in the series.  All of the thirteen stories are original.

The stories in State of Horror: North Carolina take place all over the state—from the highways, to the mountains.  There are a wide range of settings to pulling you in and sweeping you away. Additionally the stories are set at different time periods.  You may have a contemporary story and then end up in the 1970s or possibly the future.  The authors in State of Horror: North Carolina did a great job capturing the essence of the state as well as being highly creative creating horrifying tales.

State of Horror: North Carolina will now takes its place…

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PRESS RELEASE: State of Horror: North Carolina Author List

As a member of the State of Horror family, it’s great to see North Carolina getting its dose of horror just in time for the new year…

Charon Coin Press

The next release in the State of Horror anthology series will be State of Horror: North Carolina set for release January 2015.  State of Horror: North Carolina, like State of Horror: Illinois is a completely new state.  All thirteen stories are original stories for the anthology and have not been released before.

The selection process was trying for me because I could only take 13 stories and I had some great stories to choose from.  I believe the stories selected have a lot to offer and will make for a wickedly scary book. It is exciting to be working with this group of authors.  Some authors make appearances in other State of Horror books and some are making their first appearance in the State of Horror family.  It was really fun for me to see these authors’ takes on the state of North Carolina.  I really believe readers will…

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Announcement – State of Horror: Illinois Story List

The story list for ‘State of Horror Illinois’ has been released. Jerry Benns of Charon Coin Press is doing a great job in working with the authors in putting it all together. Glad to be part of it.

Charon Coin Press

Stateofhorror_Illinois The selection process for State of Horror: Illinois is completed with authors notified. Now it is time to share the great news with the fans of the anthology series.

This round of selections was difficult because there were many impressive stories, but only thirteen available spots. The level of great storytelling was beyond my expectations and the selection process was more challenging than I would have thought. In the end, choices were made based how the stories fit together in the overall collection. I am excited to work with this group of authors in the coming months as we put the final touches on the State of Horror: Illinois anthology and begin our promotional campaign.

Without further delay, let’s present the stories set to appear in Charon Coin Press’ State of Horror: Illinois anthology. The stories and names listed below are not in the order they will appear in the…

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Authors Supporting Our Troops comes to a (technical) end #ASOT2014

The event is done and the books are heading out. Glad to be involved and thanks to Armand Rosamilia for all his hard work.


The t-shirt design comes in a variety of colors.

Today is Thursday May 15th 2014, the cutoff date for the Authors Supporting Our Troops event started in mid-January. I had to set this date because, while the four months going have been awesome and the support overwhelming, it was beginning to overwhelm not only me but Special Gal and two rooms of the house. 

A fraction of this year's book donations.

When I began this venture (thanks to author Joe McKinney, who did a smaller version last year), I was hoping for 500 books to ship overseas. I got about five times that amount, and every day brought another box of books and more excitement as I opened the box, cataloged and photographed and posted the books on Facebook. 


It also let me see how very cool and generous people could be as well. Authors and non-authors alike donated money to help with the shipping costs, many people purchased special shirts we made for the event…

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RELEASE: The Sirens Call Issue #14 – Old School Horror

A Great Free Horror eZine! Proud to have my flash fiction story “Purgatory” as part of the release.

The Sirens Song

Sirens Call Publications has released the 14th issue of The Sirens Call themed Old School Horror!

2014_April_ezine_coverWith 109 pages of flash fiction, poetry, short stories, it’s an issue you’re going to want to download for FREE!! With an interview and photography from Tanja Jurkovic as well as an interview from Daniel Durrant, author of Climate Change, there’s a little something for everyone.

Don’t forget to share it around! Why not? It’s free!

Download Issue #14 of The Sirens Call!

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