State of Horror: Illinois Audio Book Edition with A. Lopez, Jr.

The publisher of State of Horror Anthology Series has produced an audio version of SOH Illinois and today graciously featured me…

Charon Coin Press

Audio book feature author A. Lopez, Jr. AUDIO BOOK: State of Horror: Illinois
RELEASE: February 2015
STORY: Ritter House

State of Horror: Illinois has its share of ghost stories and our feature author today brings one of these home. “Ritter House“, written by author A. Lopez, Jr., tells the tale of one of these notorious haunted houses. Today, we visit with Lopez and get his thoughts on his story and a views on the translation into audio format. Charon Coin Press is proud to introduce you to author, A. Lopez, Jr.

Charon Coin Press:  What do you think about your story being translated into an audio format?
A. Lopez, Jr.: First off, to hear someone read a story you have written, takes a bit to get used to. I compare it to hearing your own voice played back after it’s been recorded. Hearing “Ritter House” in audio format…

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A Bloody Valentine: A. Lopez, Jr.

My quick interview by S.H. Roddey’s Haunted Head / Bloody Valentine Interviews

A Haunted Head

Another State of Horror Victim! I’m feeling lucky today! Meet A. Lopez, Jr, please.


It’s Valentine’s Day. What’s your take on the “Most Romantic Day of the Year?”

I’m all for celebrating romance, and Valentine’s Day puts the focus and some might say, the pressure on, to show your affection to your loved one. Either way, I feel it is a great way to consolidate and show your appreciation for the one you love. As writers, we tend to get into our own worlds and disappear, with our loved one, no matter how much they may support us, feeling shoved aside at times. My take is that I don’t necessarily need Valentine’s Day to show appreciation and thanks for being there, I do like how the date allows us to refocus and reset our priorities to not only your wife or girlfriend, but to…

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PRESS RELEASE- State of Horror: North Carolina Available

The newest edition to the State of Horror anthologies!

Charon Coin Press

Cover art- State of Horror: North Carolina State of Horror: North Carolina Now Available

Charon Coin Press is happy to announce the newest release in the State of Horror anthology series—State of Horror: North Carolina on February 10, 2015.  State of Horror: North Carolina is a brand new release in the series.  All of the thirteen stories are original.

The stories in State of Horror: North Carolina take place all over the state—from the highways, to the mountains.  There are a wide range of settings to pulling you in and sweeping you away. Additionally the stories are set at different time periods.  You may have a contemporary story and then end up in the 1970s or possibly the future.  The authors in State of Horror: North Carolina did a great job capturing the essence of the state as well as being highly creative creating horrifying tales.

State of Horror: North Carolina will now takes its place…

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