Y. Correa’s 4-Book Giveaway!

To celebrate Father’s Day… fellow author, Y. Correa, is giving away 4 of her books! The variety in these books will be sure to reach many of your genre desires! This is for a limited time from June 15th to June 19th. FREE Titles include: “Peter Blade” “Reversal” “Lilith’s Dominion” and “Marco Antonio and Amaryllis” Two of my favorites are “Peter Blade” and “Reversal”

Here is where you can find all her titles on Amazon. The 4 titles above are FREE for 5 days and on Kindle Unlimited. Y. Correa’s Giveaway HERE

Y. Correa is a literary evolutionary, luring one in with her talent of Romancing the Words, keeping one hypnotized with dynamic characters, and stimulating one with engaging narrative voices, strong plots, and epic conflicts. Her works are as complex and as distinct as her person; a delightful combination of eclectic and antiquated. Therefore, the mere mention of fitting into one set genre is laughable. The multi-genre decadence is where she showcases her magnificence. She is also the creator of All Authors Publishing House.

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