The Walking Dead or Falling Skies – By Land or By Sky

Being a fan of a few different television series, I found a similarity in two of them that I watch – The Walking Dead on AMC and Falling Skies on TNT. The former falls into the Zombie-Horror genre, while the latter is Sci-Fi. My first book, Purgatory, has 13 short stories and is my take on horror. None of the stories have a Zombie or Sci-Fi angle, but I plan to try my hand at those in the future.

The similarities between the two series are the, something has happened to our world theme, which is usually interesting if done right. The Walking Dead follows a group of survivors trying to find their way and learn more about what has happened and what their future holds. Falling Skies takes a similar path, only this time aliens are taking over. Groups of survivors are in the same situation of survival and learning how to defeat, what seems to be a superior enemy.

I am a fan of books, movies, and TV series that follow this trend. These two series, in my opinion, are done very well. The initial big-event happens, survivor groups are formed and the learning process begins. The stories then follow the main characters, and their own struggles and demons in dealing with, either a dead loved-one, or of them moving forward in the relationships that they forge with their fellow survivors.

As I said, I have not written a story in either genre, but they both appeal to me, so for any authors out there that have done work in either zombie-horror or sci-fi, what do you think of the two series I mentioned? (If you watch) And, if so, are they realistic from a writer’s point of view? What would you do differently if you wrote a story to base either series on?