Book Release! from Y. Correa “Reversal”

Multi-genre author Y. Correa is releasing her newest novel Reversal. Read below to get all the details on this interesting and intriguing story.

What else can we say, but, “It’s the official release day”?

Humanity in Retrograde

In this retro-futuristic era, the old look and reproduce as if in the prime of their lives. The babies delivered into this world—sickly, fighting for every second to have a slim chance of survival. To turn this existence on its heels, it requires something … or someone … Special.

When a healthy baby is discovered by Nurse Celestine, she makes it her mission to protect what she believes is a well-kept secret.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for the observant Nurse Trudy to put the pieces together to utilize for her personal gain as well as orchestrate Nurse Celestine’s ruin. Can Nurse Celestine succeed in combating the determined Nurse Trudy, or will all that is special be exposed and possibly destroyed? Find out in Reversal.


Mere infants … fragile, feeble, sickly and flushed of color, lined the nursery of St. Agnes General Hospital NICU Department. This was nothing new, of course. They were all born that way. Those who made it past their first week of birth were among the blessed.

An almost invisible film of mauve and viridian—a sheath that covered their reality—was the translucent haze that weighed upon all things. It was as though the colors had been embedded into the fabric of the world, tinging everything—no matter what its candescence—in those pigments. The darkest of the dark, and the lightest of the light, all seemed ominous and void of vitality.

Dreary. That was the word that best described this place, these people … these babies.

The atmosphere was inauspicious. Everything seemed afflicted with lifelessness. The hospital, antiquated. Though hundreds of years in the future, the setting felt like a 1950’s time warp. The perimeter of the hospital was as inert as its own appearance—scant trees, barren bushes, leaf and debris covered streets.

The perils that distressed St. Agnes General Hospital was the lack of advanced technologies. It was as though the last ten centuries had never transpired. An entire fragment of time had evidently disappeared leaving behind a woefully dull and mechanically limited world which was forced to operate within its mediocre means.

The hallways of St. Agnes General were long, ominous, and cold. The walls were painted in a tainted light green. The doctors wore perfectly pressed white coats which covered their black business suits. Their hair, slick—brushed back into a tight, shiny do. The nurses donned white nursing uniforms with white hats which had red crosses in the center. Skirts at knee length, taupe pantyhose and white nurse shoes. They looked perfect. In complete contrast to their locality.

Beep-beep, beep-beep, beep-beep; first in dots then in dashes. The sound carried a cadence of absolute fear which could give any person goosebumps—that river of icy-hot pimples that ran all over one’s body. Yet the screeching of the monitor’s blaring was far louder than the unhealthy baby that attempted to cry its woes. His voice was as decrepit as his leathery, bony flesh.

Nurse Juliette was an excessively feminine, soft-spoke Asian woman with the tiny frame. Blue-black hair fell to her waist, and Juliette’s spotless face was softly made up.

“Sh, sh, sh. There, there, little one. It’ll all be over soon, I promise. Mommy already knows that you’ll be going to a better place,” whispered Nurse Juliette who was sitting next to his cradle. She gently shook the child’s puny legs. Nurse Juliette’s tone was void of emotion, as though this were an everyday occurrence.

In all actuality, it was.

In complete opposition to the old-looking, ailing child was Nurse Juliette whose stature was strong, young, healthy and … well, perfect. So was the child’s mother and father who both waited for the news of his fate from their hospital room.

And, just as Nurse Juliette swayed the hardly sobbing yet profusely ailing child, the infant took in a sharp lungful and exhaled his last breath.

“Ahh, poor child,” Nurse Juliette concluded, then proceeded to get out of her seat to pick up the phone. “Nurse Celestine? Yes? Good. Please advise the Smithson family that the child has passed.”

“Certainly,” replied the voice on the opposite end. Neither one of the voices even remotely somber.

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Purgatory Book Trailer

The Making of a Book Trailer

The making of book trailers is nothing new in the writing community. It has become more trendy and fashionable in the past couple of years as a very important promotional tool for authors with upcoming books and novels. It seems that each year technology advances in every aspect of our lives, and with computers and readily available software from many different sources, making a video, and in this case, a book trailer is a much more pleasant and easier experience.

As I began to write my first book, I was aware of the concept of book trailers and how they played a role in marketing. But as I got over halfway done I realized that if I was planning on making one, it needed to be done prior to release. That’s when the reality of it hit me. It wasn’t so much about the book trailer in whole, but more about its place as part of the marketing tool as a whole. Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads are all part of the social networking world. Creating a website and or blog is probably the most important part of the promotional process. The book trailer is a different animal altogether.

There are many places to promote and show your video, with YouTube being the biggest and most popular. For my book, Purgatory I actually made two trailers. I made a pre-launch video using free software available on YouTube’s website. It didn’t take me long at all with their simple tools, and after adding a couple of my own images I had it up and running. I was surprised at how easy it was to get something that I now consider critical, on the web and available worldwide. After I had it up on YouTube I was easily able to embed it to my website. The process was almost seamless and gave me the “trailer” fix I needed until I had time to work on the official version.

By now I was almost done with my book and had my website up and running, along with all of my social media. As I was doing my final editing and getting feedback from beta readers, I began working on, what I call the official trailer. For this I used Windows Movie Maker. (I prefer the older version over the newer one.) A little info on Purgatory; it is a collection of 13 horror stories and I wanted a picture to go with each story. Sort of like its own book cover. For some of those images I purchased the royalty rights through websites that made those available. But for a few, I went to the actual sites where the inspiration for the stories took place. Most of the stories in my book are real places with my own twist on what might happen in a dark horrific way. Along with that I drove down the actual Evergreen Road, one of the stories in my book and shot video, which I then incorporated into my trailer.

Making the trailer itself took some patience and a bit of hard work but it was one of the more pleasurable experiences in my whole making of the book journey. In the end, the book trailer came out very well for someone on a self-publisher’s budget. I uploaded it to my YouTube channel at the end of last year and then embedded it to my website.

Has my book trailer created any sales for my book? Maybe, maybe not. But as I see it, no pun intended, it is another form of creativity, much like writing a book. If that form of creativeness can be seen by the reading masses or the general public, then it is yet another way to express your creative ideas and product. I hope to see your book trailer soon! ~ALJ~